We have been assisting Nykredit – now Denmark’s third-largest bank – with its internal and external communications since October 2016. These communications have entailed the production of videos, articles, podcasts and live streaming, covering the areas of housing as well as commercial and asset management.


We use our journalistic background as a starting point, finding angles for the stories to ensure the target audience finds them relevant. In collaboration with Nykredit, we identify stories that may be of interest to the readers, viewers and listeners right now. We then proceed to choose the platform, sources and structure. The content is distributed to relevant channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Nykredit.dk, including the special content hub for Nykredit’s asset management and investment business area: InvestorInsights.dk.

Over the past three years, it has resulted to more than 200 videos, over 120 podcasts and more streaming events across the editorial boards.


Best Private Banking

Since the partnership began, Nykredit has among other things been named Denmark’s best Private Banking provider in an extensive survey carried out by the Swedish research institute Prospera.

The bank’s clients get news and market information through newsletters and the website Investorinsights.dk, to which we have supplied content February 2017.

“What I think is great about Investor Insights is the diversity of the content, meaning that it’s got articles, podcasts and short video clips. I think that’s a great mix, rather than always having to read articles.”

- Jacob

“I found your podcast pretty cool - I liked listening to it, because I don’t get that information from that many other places.”

- Maria

From a survey among potential private banking clients. Source: UserTribe