Get Your Own News Team & Power Up Your Channels

Experienced journalists

Access professional journalists from national media outlets such as TV2, DR and Børsen. We have produced content to-be-counted-in-the-thousands and we know PR strategy as the back of our hands.

Fast productions

Stay agile, current and relevant – regardless of format or platform. Expect more and pay less. We have intraday and day-to-day productions in our veins.

Digital formats

Step into a multimedia world and choose freely between all formats of text, sound, video, graphics and animations. We handle a wide variety of platforms and hubs – no exceptions.

Modern communication

Our approach is digital and firmly rooted in data. All our formats are built on storytelling, big data and algorithms. We are aware of all channels - and we know how to adapt to the end-user’s behavior.

Truly business minded

Work with someone that understands where you’re from. Content isn’t produced in a vacuum entity. It’s part of a larger brand strategy and should always satisfy multiple goals. In our digital concept development and daily operations - we are no strangers to concerns as FTE, customer journeys, sales targets and business strategies.

Travelling Content

We firmly believe that social media seeding is a key component of your content distribution strategy. That’s why we can help you post – or tell you how to post - every piece of content created for your social networking, SEO and email-marketing.

We believe in Content and Communities

We all belong to some sort of COMMUNITY. We meet, share and react to information - and we advocate for our beliefs. We join communities for entertainment, support, service, politics, and many other relevant reasons. As no one really fits into any kind of box anymore.

Above all CONTENT must relate to us. Content must tell a compelling, valuable story in an authentic manner. It must inspire us to act on the values it espouses, and it must entertain and hold our attention long enough to achieve its intended impact.

People we work with

Working with our partners to achieve these goals, we are constantly trying to push the boundaries, elevate our artistry creating content that truly stands out.

Engage with us

Or visit us downtown at: Gothersgade 11, DK-1123 Copenhagen. We’d love to hear from you!

Let’s inspire and engage together

About us

CommunityContent is a digital production company founded by news journalists based in Copenhagen that specializes in branded experience content.

With a growing partner list, we always strive to capture the story within each brand or product’s unique character, value and aesthetic.

Our team brings not only artistic and technical expertise but also strategic marketing insights that informs the creative process.

CommunityContent is part of Seier Capital.